Tips with MiniCDs

Well if someone has in mind to buy a mp3 discman in mini cd format, you have to know that to find covers for these things is a little difficult, so here are some solutions:

To store the discman, headphones and minicds the best solution are digital camera bags WITH ZIPPER, to avoid sand getting into the case and scratching the minicds. I bought a samsonite bag that has a big pocket for the camera where I keep the minicds and the headphones, and another small one where I keep the discman. My discman fits perfectly (it’s a Philips exp431) but be careful because others (like the rimax 303) don’t fit in the small pocket. If you can’t find digital camera cases that fit you you can always try with the game boy advance ones, but not all of them have a second pocket and if they do, it doesn’t usually come with a zipper.

To store minicds you can use minidisc cases, which I do not recommend, because minidiscs are 3 times wider than a minicd, and then if you buy a case of 10 and you fill it with minicds, in the end you will see that there is much wasted space and that the case is too big for what it carries, because although it is full it is 3 times less thick than it should be and there is much wasted space.

Another option that I was told are cases to store gamecube games, and these should fit perfectly, although to be honest, I’ve never seen them even though there is some people who assure that they exist
The last option (thought, designed, and tested by me and that is the one I like the most XDDDDDD) is to make paper cases for the minicds, and thus be able to carry them in the digital camera case.I actually use this system (camera case and paper cases with plastic window) and I assure you that everything is carried in the camera case, discman, headphones and a good amount of minicds.

And to store all this, the best is to use a shoe box, where you put on one side the minicds in their plastic boxes, on the other side the empty paper cases, and on the other side the discman and the camera case. So when you go out with the discman, you only have to select the cds you want to take with you, take them out of the boxes and put them in the paper cases, and put everything in the camera case.

The template for the sleeves can be found here and when you are going to print it, open it with paint and print it normally and you will get the exact size.

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