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Random shit popping out of my brain

In the middle of the night with the people in the street. My brain is shitting senseless concepts, words and ,much other garbage. This summer, starring porta, a new horrifying movie, «Fear September», you never wished so much time froze. 00011110101010110100101011001010101010. IF angry == true kill(porta) else jumpinthemiddleofthefield(). Universe reset. SELECT * FROM girls WHERE freesex=true. Flying dildos. BSOD. Connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect… thats what you do when you have sex. Guns playing the guitar. Sounds good, even if it kills people. Defragmenting brain 69% done. Rock solid cock in the middle of the desert. Nonsense. Drinking gaseosa while jumping on a cloud. Then I fall. And I sell shit. Pacman eating cells inside my body. Fuck pacman. Albert Einstein’s face upside-down with no eyes and a cow diving in the water. Dinosaur-sized mosquito with George Bush face. WTF? People running in outer space, while Chuck Norris gets killed by an annoying fly. I’m crazy, I must bake a cake filled with blood and microchips. Darth Vader eating wheels. Core dump

What is this? The title explains it. Why do I write in english? Because it’s late and i have to study and I don’t want to, and I’m not getting sleepy. This is what a zombie brain spits in this blog through my fingers. You better ignore it, this is as senseless as the lyrics of any song made by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m not on drugs, even if it seems so. And BTW FYAD and RTFM.